Short Articles

Are you getting bored with your current weight training program?

Thinking about changing up everything? DON’T!

Making small adjustments to your current program is far better than implementing a whole new routine. Here’s a short article I wrote that explains four different tweaks you can make for a more challenging workout so you can get back on track to seeing great results.

Should you push to failure?

Pushing to momentary muscle failure has been a debated topic for decades. Deciding if it’s something for you and your program depends on your goals and aspirations. Here’s five questions you should ask yourself on whether or not you should push to the max or just go through the motions.


Choose the Right Rep Range for your Goal

A set of 10 push-ups will stress differant muscle fibers than a set of 25 and in result produce a different outcome. Learn the differant rep ranges so you know exactly what muscle fibers you’re hitting and what outcomes you’re eventually going to produce.

When there’s no progress on the scale, Don’t give up!

Here are signs of progress

It’s so temping to quit when you’ve given it everything you have for the past 8-12 weeks and the scale hasn’t budged much. You’re more than likely making progress just in more subtle areas. Here are some ways for you to scale progress and keep you motivated and committed to your training and nutrition program.