What is mobile training and how does it work?

Mobile training is just as it sounds. It's designed to save you time, wether that's traveling to and from the gym, waiting on machines or fitness equipment. It's also ideal for those fed up with the obnoxious, intimidating gym atmosphere. Mobile training works by me coming to you with everything you need for a productive exercise and nutrition session. I'll bring all the necessary equipment along with my fourteen years of coaching experience to help you reach your goal.

How many days of exercise do you recommend per week?

I recommend doing some form of exercise everyday. Walking at least 30-60 minutes daily does wonders for the body and mind in some cases better than running. As far as weight training, I recommend calisthenics (body weight exercises) for optimal health, performance and aesthetics. For beginners, I suggest doing calisthenics at least three days a week in combination with the 30-60 minute walk. As you see yourself grow stronger or the exercises start to become easier, I would suggest adding one extra day of calisthenics. One could work up to doing calisthenics seven days a week but those are very few people.

What makes you different from other exercise and nutrition coaches?

Besides me coming to you with all the equipment and my fourteen years of self-education in the field, what makes me different from other coaches is my determination to help you hit your target. Most clients only see or hear from their coach during a training session and when it's time to renew their contract.  When you invest with TBD, you'll be in contact with me daily. You'll have daily and weekly homework assignments that will need to be reported to me so that you get the most out of your coaching and so that you stay on track to reaching your goal.